Meat is the star

To make the meat tender and full of flavour, our chefs dry age large cuts of beef for several weeks to several months before they trim your steak. Come up to the fridge, and we can talk about meat. You pick the cut.



Chuck eye roast comes from the upper shoulder of the cow and is known as the "poor man's rib-eye" It is flavorful roasts and best when cooked slow and low.

Rib Tomahawk is 900 gram to 1.2 kg on-the bone steak (30-45-ounce) great for sharing. The heat from the bone gives the meat a lovely succulence.

Ribeye is a fatty, tender cut from the top of the rib prized for marbling and rich, deep flavour.

BBQ ribs at their best fall of the bone and melt in your mouth. Best when cooked in large pieces, so persuade your friends to get in on the action.

Fiorentina is thick-cut, meltingly tender and incredibly flavorful. For this cut we recommend La Manzetta Prussiana.

Steaks are rich, savory, and so tender you can cut them with a spoon.

Porterhouse is two types of steak separated with a T-shaped bone. One side is a NY strip, second only to the rib-eye in terms of texture and flavour. The other side is a tenderloin filet: extra-lean and super tender.

Sirloin is a versatile and tasty cut of steak known for firm texture and a bold flavour. The strip of fat surrounding the outer edge helps intensify the flavour during cooking.

Flank is known for intense beefy flavour and needs to be thinly sliced and cut against the grain for maximum tenderness.

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